Is it really that long?

Ask anyone who knows me, even a little, and they will tell you I'm not a diary keeper, too busy living to write about it... too busy doing to record it,

April 2014 - guess where.....

April 2014 - guess where.....

I even forgot to renew the web domain so adonnathing disappeared for a while.  I remembered about the domain name when Niall solemnly told me I was still using his credit card to renew the squarespace web provider and that I would need to work out something different as means of payment for new year because:   Soon our lives will be very different.....

our house

our house

I know there are lots of people out there that trust all is well, but it doesn't hurt to confirm that I AM NOT DEAD IN A DITCH

I am in a ditch

In France

A ditch of our own digging, but I AM NOT DEAD YET

After seven long years and a final one year push we have bought our pile of stones in France, well actually that's not quite true as we sign the acte de vente in two weeks IF the certificate d'urbanism has been approved ( change of use from agricole to habitable)

our pile of granite with Lilly running to me ( I'm in a ditch behind the camera)

our pile of granite with Lilly running to me ( I'm in a ditch behind the camera)

there is lots of other news, I am going to find time and opportunity to do the diary of our lives  as nous renovons les longeres....get used to Franglais....I suspect I'll soon be writing as much in french as anglais, so much easier to stick to one language  - it's the flip flopping from one to another that turns your brain to mush...

one last thing?  I know some of you like to comment /chat as well as read my monologues, and some of you don't get on with Discus:  there are options! you can always friend me via facebook - I'm still there as Donna Rodgers you'll recognise me from my photo, and you can always message me with ' are you doings of doone/adonnathing?  '

I also have a twitter account that you are welcome to follow - and use for comment - just give me a clue what we are talking on my name for the twittertwatter

donna louise rodgers

Please be reassured that I also do still stalk you guys ( you know who you are) - just in a quiet creepy way so you hardly know i'm there....

Le Faouet ten minutes form our house......

Le Faouet ten minutes form our house......

Journal Re Entry

what better way to reenter blog land than with a brand new journal?  this one made form junk ( nicest junk I have ever seen) with the magnificent Kate Crane of the Kathryn wheel, this was a day class at the artistic stamper - hosted by the lovely Jennie and Mal


here are the photo's I took on the day and sometime soon  ( I promise) I will post other photo's of the inside, Kate is promoting her video that enables you to make journals form 'junk' if the class is anything to go by you could do worse than invest n the video


if you are wanting to make your journals personal rather than making personal things in a 'bog standard' shop bought pre made journal  the video is a good progression to the next step in journalling - graduate to  the  'i made my own journal' mob...


also - remember there are a number of tutorials on this blog to help you make books and journals from very basic to  very obscure - why did i do this....type thing - just navigate using the tabs at the top of my web pages , explore and enjoy, and be aware of my creative commons licensing rules...

Junk?  I beg to differ this is journal fodder

Kate "charlies angel' Crane

my finished journal cover using my 'mail art' stamp design ( available via my stamp tab link)

Art inspired by Slovenia and Hungary

I wrote a very inspiring blog, then deleted it - not deliberately, and I regret now spending time blogging, when I could have been making Art.  any how, here  I go again:

Leaving lady solitude - my page for Sherry's desert Island Disc Circle Journal - will be heading home on Monday Sherry - arriving Tuesday.... 

I added wings to ' i have no regrets' page

I added colour and a charm to 'don't stop me now' 

beads added to Baker Street

I also  added beads to the building on this page

more colour, beads, and a charm to 'take this dance' 

I finished Voodoo Vixen and Sandra De (seredipity) Junk Keys (copyright) = my up-cycled decorative key fobs that tell a story

copyright donnalouiserodgers JunkKey

copyright donnalouiserodgers JunkKey

copyright donnalouiserodgers JunkKey

copyright donnalouiserodgers JunkKey

I bought Dolores a sketch book as a thank you for having Nial and i as house guests, and I did a page for her based on a story she told me about her murder and a  budgerigar.  My page was inspired by Egon Shiele (pronounced Shela)  

a journal entry for Dolores

I used one of Dolores old fashioned library cards that predates our digital systems to make the butterfly tag to go in the wax paper pocket...

the back of the library card tag... 

here are the pictures from Slovenia and Hungary, one long long scroll of gorgeousness....