woyww - Objets d'art?

I have failed miserably to catch up since my return to from France.  Here's my desk,

life study in knackered frame (me likes it) gesture sketch of said study, I'm impressed it is green and she still looks human, and knock me down with a feather, the model wants to purchase it...which is just the most warm fuzzy feeling,

also visible the beatles altered book that belongs to Lise, I chose dizzy miss lizzy as the song to use on my altered pages in her book, not sure if you can see it but the head of Voodoo's art doll is drying on the desk too,

 I have decided it is going to take a long time to work out how I can register and work in France, once resident there:  amongst other options one can register as

a) an artist = easy




b) an artisan crafter = incredibly difficult


you would Not Believe how hard it is and the impact it has on the tax paid, especially since I stupidly decided I would do it in French and not give in and look at the English translation.


So do I art or do I craft?


depends which group pays more tax wouldn't you say?

post script

I have now decided to take a break from the purgatory of the steep learning curve of French Employment Law and desk hop instead, so I'm on my way,


book number 9 - is the video JoZarty referred to, she develped the concept and adapted it to produce her samples whilst we worked together at the strawberry table....

if you click on the tabs at the top of the blog you will find the 'how to do it' for books/making faces/ and you can generally have a laugh at me - showing you mostly how not to do it (tutorials).

Donna Garner