Nice Tush

Last night I was doing work in my round robin altered book:

when I 'do' an altered book, for myself, a gift or as part of a round robin, I try to use the book I am sent as the inspiration for the alteration as wella s any other guidance given; so here's where I started from

for the round robins I also have to be considerate of the theme as chosen by the book owner, and any additional rules or guidelines


In the case of this book these were written on the front page:

this is the last rotation in Amy's hosted altered book group, the book belongs to Dar, who's theme is 'things with wings',

she very graciously gave me free reign.


Oh Dear

here is my 'spread',


gesso based (triple) sanded smooth, wax watercoloured figure freehand painted from a photograph image on the right hand side, collage on the left (crisp packet, tissues, stamps, crochet tape, lace, paper, tiny staples, masking, spray paints)

text (incorporating orginial words on the pages) "they wanted to FLY" , "they flew away with their wings under their coats", "every day she put on her wings, every day" , "it's a donna louise rodgers thing."

So of course I got naked.

I did a couple of other spreads that I will leave as a surprise

I think I may have journalled rather than book altered, but I did retain three words form the original two pages...

nice tush eh?

tomorrow I'll show you my book that has been finished and returned.


Donna Garner