woyww? another catch up and a whole lot of love

crafty womble Wendy sent me a bag, the hand stitching inside is minute and very very even and it is made from that stuff that is indestructable and waterproof, so I can carry even more stuff round with me, thank you Wendy, it will be treasured and very well used.

The rest of my desk is presented in overlapping quadrants, kind of like those A level biology experiments; cast your one meter square and estimate what is living matter within the square's boundaries,

So, how much art is there per millimeter of my desk?

This is upper right and shows three of my (five) pages:  A catch up on the Darcy 52 pages challenge thing. The pink left is my interpretation of desire ('isolde' Aubray Beardsley inspired)  then half buried is this week (43/52) page for the word 'first': and all I can think of is 'the first time ever I saw your face'; I am prone to thinking women fall in love with their babies but men fall in love with their women, and there are so many kinds of love, certain loves felt for the first time are breath taking,

Also there is my 'crayon' page, which is not so obvious, when I look at toulouse lautrec work I always think he has got a big fat crayon and carelessly gone at it, except his faces, which are so careful and delicate, then I realise the contrast of body to face really works and draws your eye always back to the face, 

so when I did this page, I used crayons and did it lautrec style, and it is me in crayon in earth colours, but with no face, cos I could not be arsed

peeking out the corner is my journal made and sent by Voodoo (Annette) Vixen, she is such a LIAR, she said she did a crap job - LIAR LIAR bums on FIRE, it is beautiful.

here's the next quadrant

ah you can't see the 'direction' page, but if you browse my website my 52 pages with Darcy are all under the projects tab and you can see them in more detail (if you wish). In front of the direction page is 'invoke' so this is my art deco Doll praying to the Vampire God

shot dominated by my keyboard - Boring


kind of a repeat, but I wanted you to see (lower left) my favourite Toulouse Lautrec - Le Lit (the bed).

 Lastly, I noticed the doll (Ganache) I promised to Voodoo in exchange for the journal looked rather special in this evening's light,

if you want to see her from all angles and find out what she's made from it's in the previous blog post. Thanks for the lace Jo - yes it was perfect and was the very thing that I started with for the project.

off to Julia's Launch Pad now for a Wednesday evening of desk hopping...

Donna Garner