reality hopping

you know how wonderful it is to desk hop and find inspiration?

so too when we hop for real,

On my trip this weekend, I spent a lovely day with the Vickie's Stampers.  What a lovely bunch, and so nice to know who people are for real as well as inthe virtual blog world.  On the day I made stuff to go in an altered 'house' .   My theme represents me and him 'living together' all these years.  Everything in it (that wasn't kindly donated by Jo - 'Oh That Thermometer', the tool handles, the wooden pegs, the brain, the watch bits that I altered the hefty chain) is a bit of memorabilia that is important to Mr D or I.  It helps that he is an electronics engineer since engineering stuff is easy to make look good.   I particularly like the guardian angel I made for the extension roof that is made from an altered towel bracket..

each space in the house is occupied by altered articles that have been sitting in drawers for years!

himself likes the dial from our old potterton boiler the best,

I also made a book for Carola, that should have had a bit of jozart jewelry with it, but it is still with Jo, since I forgot to repack it after we unpacked it so we could photograph it.  I'll take some 'proper' photo's of all the things when I get back home next week.

here's one I made based on Jo's design,  Jo Herself made me a gorgeous art doll butterfly that you need to go to her blog to see -I  will add a link when I catch up with myself


the book I'll blog on Wednesday evening if there is time before France...


See you as I get to you,

I hope Dolores PC issues are fixed - we are jinxed....


Donna Garner