woyww- the story of a desk hopper

I am a gypsy at the moment, and my desk shows it, recipes from Jo, Book I made for Carola (I will be posting sometime in two weeks when I am around when the UK Post offices are open, under there are the portratit postcards from the National Portrait Gallery, and my ferry tickets to France tomorrow.

laid over the top of the mess (my preferrred method of 'tidying') is Life Class David, posed as a greek seated warrior...so we have twist, foreshortening and bright contrasted lighting to contend with, great fun was had by all and I am now being told I Must Do Homework, anyone want to pose naked for me?

I have done alot in two weeks and when I am back next week I shall draw breath and tell tales of Liverpool, Leigh, London, Derby and Pontivy.

Liz? - I really have lost the phone- I thought it was in the shed, Luke has my personal moby in Hereford and so only my work one is about my person - and I don't make outgoing calls on it, we are sailing from Portsmouth...I will borrow Nialls phone this evening and attempt to make contact...Addy is in da hood caretaking and dog managing whilst we are away if you do manage to get through on the hidden batphone and would like to chat..


Donna Garner