Woyww: Christmas Bunnie and Rationalisation

I know all you really want to see is the christmas bunnie (last year was christmas tree frogs, this year chrimbol bunnies)

so here she is, after a mimimum of blogged words negotiated:

you also want a desk

so here that is too,


If you just wanted What's on My Workstation Wednesday? (WOYWW) that might be you done, 

anyone more masochistic?

If so, you might like to read on and try to fathom my mysterious rationalisations (why bunnies?)

First off, my workload increases in winter, the workload that pays for the life we, generally speaking, are accustomed to and enjoy.  It increased so exponentially and rapidly that I forgot to mail my packages, hence Voodoo still does not have her doll, Jingles Happy Christmas stamp is still on my desk, and the altered books are on time instead of early, and I haven't blogged in ages.  But the bills are paid and the larder is full and the kids are getting a higher education.


I do not appreciate mass production combined with mass consumerism in the name of expert marketing and merchandising spin. Otherwise known as 'how fast can you be persuaded to part with extortionate volumes of your hard earned cash for this piece of useless tat? AKA 'Christmas' 

So play time is about making my gifts for people at a time when I do very much like to mark the birth of Christ by giving a heartfelt gift showing that I care and appreciate my family and friends.  Not just now, but all year round.  So I tend to not only hand make, but also make something that has a longer life that dec 25th - dec 28th. 

Last year it was bean bag frogs, this year it was going to be bunnies.  And indeed there is the prototype bunnie on the desk.  Then people who are the recipients of my annual makings at yuletide made a plaintive plea - can we phul ease have something christmassy???? we promise to keep them and use them every year till they fall apart? 

hence there are now angels, santas and festive ladies as well as bunnies,

So disgusted was I that bunnies were not the hot item I intended them to be, that I rebelled and instead of making Christmas things to my own design, I used the Tilda Patterns, the up side is that I could disengage brain and just make stuff at a trot (mass production on a small scale?)

I also made a stash book (gift) and party invites, and in between I also hand painted the feature wall and made the roman blinds for the 'guest bedroom' And at Life class I drew a fine pair of buttocks - which I will redo as a water colour (probably as my christmas cards)

I would have blogged but I managed to lose my last remaining data card for my camera and I know all you really want are the pictures..so you had to wait until a) I found it (never gonna happen) b) I bought a new one (difficult when you are at work during retail hours).  Christmas opening times have enabled me to match up my camera and new data card

so what is my rationalisation for what appears at first blog browse to be tardiness?? 

eventually I get round to everything... so who cares if it takes all year

the one thing I seem unable to do is conform to a standard....but isn't it nice to be different

rabbit stew for christmas dinner anyone?





Donna Garner