woyww: recant

I am recanting

I gave in - no more odd things for Christmas-

On my desk - Christmas angel, made from air dry clay over armature

Photographed and converted into this years Christmas card,

printed by moo (on line print agency)

 I also spy my lunch (rice and chicken)


she is holding a book of love


also on the desk last night life class - watercolour nudeI painted watercolour onto paper from a book I bought in a charity shop -  impressed text (1950's textbook) means I can do an A3 painting and I love that the text adds interest, and the print method means the text is embossed so the paint is really textured -

Also on the desk my son's 18th birthday invites, I am girding my loins....no rest that weekend, thank goodness he is saving the 'come as your porn alter ego' till he is 21 - we have settled on 'a come dressed fancy theme'....

Despite my crazy busy life, rest assured I am determined this week that I will be doing the rounds of the woywers,


so sorry - last week on most of the blogger blogs blogger struggled to load, but I am determined to persevere this week...



Donna Garner