Dogs and pages, and lost of time, track and mind

okay - I really enjoyed doing utopia - I have updated the folder , I have two pages that will then complete the set of 52, and I also now know how I want to bind them, and I also know I want to journal and doodle more on the back of the pages, and possibly may modify the fronts too, I love these pages, it is absolutely one of the most rewarding activities that I have done this year.  For sure I will be doing Darcy's postcard thing...(click here) and on Saturday last-  I think the right dancer won (Darcy knows) but Golly that was a super rumba.



I made almost all of my gifts to a really tight timeline, so I made some things from the Cath Kidston Sew! book using Cath Kidston fat quarters, her patterns and her 'labels'.  I thought no one would feel hard done by to have something made by me and designed by her.  Well, the projects are indeed basic,  the fabrics are.... vintage(?).  I'm not sure why, but I felt disappointed for saying it would have been MUCH cheaper to buy something mass produced, I felt the value for money (excluding any allowance for effort) was just missing.  See people go on and on about Kirsty I would rather they rant about the Kidston...  So, any way,  I showed La Famille, and declared open comment - the signal that I want BRUTALLY honest feedback.  Now, bearing in mind they didn't know it wasn't one of my designs - and did not know it was a 'cath kidston' - because at this point no label had been sewn on, they all separately asked - Why has the dog only got two legs?,   and I too felt this was the source of disappointment. 



It does look like I am giving someone just half the dog.

I explained to La Famille, it was probably only half the dog it should be because four legs would require gussettry which takes a much more advanced pattern, and sewing skills, and Sew! is a book that is supposed to be used by people with little to no sewing ability.  To which they gave me a - when did you ever do basic?- look.


So I modified her pattern and gave him four legs, but then made him fat, and hence he now needs assistance to stand, take away the stool and he gets flopsy drops.

I like mine better, any hoo,

so each dog is now wrapped and en route to their christmas recipient.


would you want half a dog?


 tomorrow i shall show you step by step the makings of the box to contain the tim tags I made for Lizzie.


Is it Sunday or Monday today?

Donna Garner