On my desk?  the box I put the tim tags in for Lizzie:




that's it folks...

Happy Christmas.

if you want to make an altered box - here's how,

1. Find a suitable box, decide if you want to cover all the box or keep bits of the original (I didn't alter the inside at all and 'saved' part of the cover,

  cover the parts you want to 'work on'  with gesso (the chalk in gesso gives the box a 'key' so that when you add layers they stay in place and the pigments in colours are brighter- it's an undercoat, if you want it smooth then, once it is dry, sand it before you apply next layers - I put it on thick and use the texture of the chalk).  Never rush this - leave gesso overnight to dry - the dryness is important and cannot be rushed (no hot air guns Please)


don't be uptight, let some of the original show through.


2.  what is going in the box?  is this a gift?  what kind if gift?  your answers will dictate your design.  'Tim Tags', 'yes', 'christmas' are my answers... so.. I scanned the tags/photographed them, sized them and printed them in Photoshop, and used the red green colour theme to decorate the box.   Once those decisions are made the rest is easy. First layer - put down your colour in a simple design - here I chose a red and green tartan effect in wax watercolours - you can use anything - crayons, paint, pastels, oils - but keep it simple and don't be precious - alot of this layer will get covered. Notice that I can still see the area that is part of the original box cover so i already have a layered effect - i've let the gesso continue to show too,

3.  Stick on the tags (or anything, I just like that the outside kind of shows what's on the inside)

stamp and emboss with glitter I chose stars, you could apply peel offs or just doodle with a pen,

Make sure everything is dry, then fill the box with your gift



finished front

and back

half an hour with an overnight drying time....

Donna Garner