woyww - a secretive (not anymore) santa stash, a pogo and Tuire's pif

if you fancy a real treat next christmas join in Carmen's secret santa, and ask Carmen to fix it for you to be paired with the crafty womble,


I was late joining the swappees and CW agreed to do me as well as her original santa swappee, and I got just the best stuff, with which my desk is covered,

I do not expect you to 'get' what is hanging off my desk, I'm in the process of videoing it, of course I didn't follow the careful (easy) instructions sent by CF (so VERY thoughtful) and instead decided to string bind my 52 pages,


if you feel like it come on over at the weekend to the blog and check out the video ( yes there is waffle and singing included).  In the video you get to see the full reveal of CF's generosity.  I do hope she is as chuffed with my gift to her as I am with hers to me. 

Also on the desk is my POGO (zink) from my boys - fabulous gift - the house is covered in 2x3 images and they are definately going to be embellishing my journals,

lastly here is my PIF which TUIRE sent me AGES ago and I love it love it, I will be scanning these fab images and reusing them, and I already have plans to laminate stamps (they are gorgeous)

so there is my busy desk, I'm off to look at yours now, via JD's

Donna Garner