The Darcy 2011 pages and 2012 Post Card Challenge

Last year (2011) Darcy prompted pages - here's the video combo that shows my book maker and stash sent to me by (my not so secret santa ) craftywomble, and the 52 fully bound pages that are now a cubist book.  There is one swear word in the video , and some singing



this year it's postcards,

 I've been thinking about how I'm going to meet the challenge,  and I 've decided, and prepared the book,

 it's about the two of them, one inside the other, talking by postcard because there is no tinterweb where she is.

 you see,

When I ran away I thought I didn't want to ever see you again, but I miss you so much, each time I write it's like you are with me again, it's not as if I don't love you, it's just that if I stay here I think I might die, there is so much more that I need to see, need to do.  Her story is bound in her heart, represented in this first cover

When you ran away I was so relieved, and your post cards, unsought, have taken me by surprise, you seem so different.   The black cover represents him, he thinks she ran away to be with the circus, he really needed her to go to realise she was once there and now he misses her and lives for each weeks postcard.

Each author writes their own book one within the other, the two bound in one, one at home, one away,

two circles that surround each other, never touching

each week one postcard, each returned card another side to the same story,

maybe one day they might be together as one again.


Each weeks installment will be posted on the blog and in the projects tab under the heading two circles.


This book is intended for a Christmas gift for 2012. It's some kind of origami thing! also one book is originally english 1945 and the other is modern 2011 french (cahier) gorgeous paper


link to join in is bottom right

Donna Garner