New Blog: Have No Fear Donna's here

Blogger is a pain, but it is free,  


on reflection sometimes I prefer quality and so I am happy to pay and then get the service or item I really want,

I find my Squarespace provider is better than blogger

I pay for this site already so I shall use my one site and blog from here,

  Have No Fear...


because this is a 'proper' website, I can use the tools to feature things using the tabs - I'll link from the old blog page too for a while for those of you who are not sure how to navigate direct to this website... I will spend time at the weekend tidying things up and checking links and content, 


your comments & feedback are always welcome, I hope I continue to entertain you from my new home...I  think this site offers you something better to look at and interact with than my old blogger site  -



Donna Garner