WOYWW (oops the PIF)

HA thank goodness for photoshop eh?  I honestly didn't realise until I looked at the image that my PIF was slap bang in the middle of the desk! (enable pop ups and click on the image to see full size)

also My 'other' table has morphed into a telephone table - you know the kind of thing -  when your phone was fixed to the wall in the hall and you had to go sit on the 'telephone table,  in the 'freezing draft from the front door to talk to someone on the bakerlite telephone that you dialled a number on, and there were about 2000 people in the phone directory for your town...and when you hit 16 years old you used to ring that chap you fancied then lose your nerve (Dad just turned down the radio so he could overhear you) and you hung up as soon as  the chap answered...and if you went out Dad did the make up check (too much and you had to go remove it)

see I could not throw out that bit of furniture but Niall said it had to go or I had to find room for it in 'my room',  so I swapped it for the table,  and I'm glad I did... it also forced me to sort out the other table and get rid of a whole load of stuff I don't use on a daily basis,


I feel a period of (relative) minimalism coming over me...


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Donna Garner