Thursday F>A>T: Week Three: Focal Points

Week three of making a cutting edge (Japanese themed) collage this week we compose the collage and stick down layers three and four, next week we sculpt the layers apply embellishment, touch up paint, and finish it.


If you look up you will see a tab called video tutorials, if you click on it you will find the FAT section and Infotorial section,  click on the FAT and you will see this series of videos presented in chronological order, these videos will be placed with the others as well as on this post,  this means if you are two weeks behind you can start from the very beginning, a very good place to start, when we write we begin with a b c when we sing we begin with doh reh me, when we paint we begin with composition, focal points and balance (hope you all now have the sound of music playing in your heads), really guys learn the tricks and you, too, can do most anything.....

this week again I've broken it down into fifteen minute sections, for those of you that don't automatically click on buttons just to see what exploses (exposes by expanding),  if you click on the four outward pointing squares under the videos - it expands to full screen,  but you will lose some image quality  because I make these small resolution to keep them free of charge...

if you only have ten minutes to craft - check out the CHEAT video,

if that is all you do,  that is good, but you will have missed out on a cutting edge collage and all you will have is a clever collage instead - it's okay - your time and effort investment  will reflect in your work (always), and those with vast experience that do things at the speed of Life?  SLOW DOWN you are missing the details.....

so here they are:


Oh yes, and, unless you are painfully shy and really need me to answer privately (use the contact tab to send private email) please could i encourage you to use the comments box on this post? So I can post public answers -  you really would be surprised how most people ask the same questions - don't feel silly asking,  it is purely a reflection of my inability to guess what you might need/want to know - the down side to virtual rather than real conversations....


wk3 1

Week 3 : FAT: Deckle edges & Collage compostion from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.

wk3 2

FAt 3a : Choosing and placing your focal point from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.

wk3 3

Fat 3b : Deckle Edges: Precision patterns draw the eye from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.

wk3 4

FAt 3 c : gluing - how NOT to ruin your work from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.


Fat 3d: CHEAT from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.

Donna Garner