Friday: Darcy's 20/52 Word: Endeavour

This week I pulled out my modern antique - my typewriter,  this was a birthday present,  I love it that my son's know Exactly What I Want Without Asking and give me gifts most people would never think of giving. Even better, this gift came courtesy of the Hereford ReUse it scheme, whereby, one advertises ones unwanted shit on line and someone will come along and say - that is not shit, it is treasure...and the person who seeks treasure comes round and takes the item away - no charge....(click on thumbnail to open/right click open image)

I can safely say I have raised

Fine Young Men

of course they check such things out with Niall first in terms of - will she thank us for it, or will she throw it at us in disgust?  Because low flying typewriters can hurt if they hit you on a body part....

Niall's standard answer to any such question from the boys is,  'yes your mother probably will (insert unpredictable response of the mother)', ' so my advice to you boys is-  accompany the IFFY gift with chocolate flowers and wine (given first) and if she doesn't like the IFFY gift,  her hands will be too full of gifts she wishes to keep undamaged,  to throw the offending item at you (he knows me so well)...'

Of course my typewriter will not be flying anywhere, it was, however, used to produce a piece on this weeks Darcy page :  endeavour,

first off I always think of the ship when I hear the word endeavour, but that is an historical aspect,  more personally, and on the back, I have written my own understanding of the word,

I do think one rarely sees endeavours these days...


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Donna Garner