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On my desk:  a sketch of Ai Weiwei, and my batch of sock monsters waiting to be photographed and put in the shop - the Wild Pink One is your PIF. You can tell by the WOYWW tee-shirt she is wearing.

if you could give someone a gift what would it be?

 the greatest gift I can think of to have,  and to give, is freedom -

freedom to recognise the rights of others as much as our own; to be able to say yes and no, and have that expression of self respected without fear of repercussions. 

To give and take and live in communion without trying to oppress, rule, exploit or take advantage of people who are not like each other but could learn to live with the differences.

I work with a Beijing resident,  we talk often about the problems with communism and the problems with capitalism,  and mostly we agree the problem is with people,

I can't give you your freedom, because our World makes personal freedom nigh on impossible,  we are slaves to so many things-  money, power, tradition, customs, cultures, geography, dictators, ineffectual political leaders and overly powerful warmongers, and such stuff like that.

So I give you a PIF  - a girl of free who will- when you hug her,  will tell you, quietly:

"the most important thing you can be is free and to be free means to absolutely Be You. That's how worlds change."

If you think this post is abstract - find out who Ai Weiwei is and join Amnesty International and help people who care about freedom of speech have a voice.

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Donna Garner