Sunday: New Videos: Mosh With Your Mojo

On Wednesday I exchanged thoughts with Voodoo about the smash scrap book, and am intrigued to find that they apply their own comments to their you tube video so that any kind of critique that is not in their favour gets pushed down the screen,

all you Consumers out there - think on before you part with your cash _ I added up what you would need to spend to recreate Everything that is shown on the promo vid and the total cost Shocked me...

and spurred me to action:  here's the alternative to smashing - MOSHING

Yep  I am showing you how to Mosh With Your Mojo

Next week, if you click on the videotutorials tab,  you will find the new series of videos - this set are ten, ten minute videos each one making a journal/book/thing for various art activities,


Mosh Binding Intro from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.

I will be posting as I complete them and Annette (Voodoo Vixen) will be ably assisting where she can,


this here is the ramble of what they are about so you can choose to view , or give them a miss depending on your preferences...





Donna Garner