Wednesday: Workstation

if I do not tidy, there will be two empty crisp packets, one, no two, Moshing with Mojo Journals, a cannibalised HSBC freebie, string,

very boring,

If I do tidy,

there will be nothing,

so I will plonk Tuesdays Life drawings on top of the untidiness and let you look at that...

If you want to do one of the ten Mosh (instead of SMASH) books, click on the video tutorial tab and choose the Mojo option, under the supervision of Voodoo Vixen (annette) I am progressing from

(1) paper and string ring binder blank crap (sorry missed off the s) scrap  pad,

(2) van go go art journal

via all other variations (3 - 9)

culminating into full blown - photo/ephemera bind it all book (10) ...

each 'how to vid' is ten minutes - phew that is not easy especially for me, and then we will do number 11 which will provide more detail on embellishments and dividers/pockets/etc...


below is a screen shot of how to full screen the videos - click on the four outward arrows - you don't have to watch them embedded ona tiny screen,




Donna Garner