How does colour work?

here's the actual piece I did as pastel on textured mid blue paper (mid tones for the piece) poor model kept getting cramp in her left foot, and I almost felt cruel asking her to just hold the pose for two more minutes whilst I tried to do her left big toe....:


blues back (cools recede) & fainter

red forward (warms come forward) & more saturated


here it is monochrome ( i love Photoshop)


here it is in two other colourways,



more important than the colour?

contour, gesture and value scale (volume and form)


Must update the gallery with all my latest life class sketches, and my 52 pages with Darcy that still need photographing and posting - but heck it's Friday tomorrow so I'll 'do Darcy' then...


also my pif arrived and I'll give it pride of place next Wednesday



Donna Garner