Monday moshings: Comb Binding (B.I.A.s for big girls)

here is book five, a comb bound folder book, the inspiration for this fabric cover is all from Jo(zart),

Jo helped me set up my sewing machine so that I could do freestyle sewing and I am HOOKED, I used a combination of freestyle embroidery and set stitches to make a lavishly decorated denim fabric cover, and created a Jo Dangle for effect,

I have never before used the foil transfer things and I am now using stampboard like it is going out of fashion,

I have a crushed cat to make, a Yesh Bag, some figurative poses to finish, an altered book spread, and some knitting, so my holiday is going to be busy, I hope also to find blog time to share stories and pictures,



Mosh Book 5: Comb Binding. Fabric Folder from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.


for books one to four look under the video tab above and choose the mosh option.


Next up:  canvas bound copic stitched journal (full video coverage broken down into three ten minute sessions)



Donna Garner