where is my workdesk wednesday?

Ah this week a change of venue, I am chicken sitting hen partying, in beautiful Powys,  heading for Shrewsbury on Friday -I can wear a carnation and find a landmark at a specified time if anyone is also in the area on that day...just one issue...


'tis splendid isolation, no phone, you see,


but I cannot access personal email or remember any of my on line passwords (Mac remembers them all for me you see)


so I am sorry - cannot skype, email or make any kind of a nuisance of myself by phoning anyone for a whole 7 days, just undisturbed art and craft time, so if you do want to join me for coffee on Friday - please leave a comment suggesting a time and place (postcode if poss) - which I can easily find,   ha - so spy like - such fun... I will return a comment confirming the arrangements,


hee hee

if I can work out how to transfer video data to a PC (only got a mac lead) I will post mojo book 6 - which is what is on my temporary craft desk...


so sorry to not have contacted people - as I say I totally forgot I would need my passwords - and because I can't remote access my personal email (long story) I cannot reset the passwords either)


Donna Garner