Pass it Forward (because you can)

I LOVE giving

randomly and  to the unsuspecting,

it thrills me that I can make someone go = Oh Wow and make their day a little brighter. 

I also sent my pif partner a little sewing kit made from a chanel 1950's perfume box

I can show my work officially now that my partner has received her PIF from me, i also  mailed out pens. collage stuff, a painting, a collage, a pack of ATCs - random acts to people who I know will appreciate the gesture...then I made something for myself (rare these days) its fucking huge (sorry no other way to describe it) youngest offspring exclaimed 0 Mother you really are crazy... Niall smiled sweetly thinking I wish I was brave enough to say what I think...


I'll show you tomorrow - for 'tis upon my desk....I know you chappies will understand...


Because my PIF has been received and will take charge of my PIF partners Messy Desk Area (Can't think why)  i can show you her now in her full glory:


my pif is coming form America - so it might be while before we can share that one....

Donna Garner