woyww? darcy 52 pages catch up

crickey moley or is that holy baloney?

we are half way through our 52 weeks, my desk this week features my catch up pages, 'alliance' and 'illuminate' - you can look at the others by clicking on the Darcy 52 pages tab up top of the webpage, it's a weekly thing I join in with -

Darcy sets a word a week and we make a page about that word...

time for half way house reflections - would I redo any of the pages? she asked 

I'm not one for second guessing myself,

what is,  can stay the way it is, 

but I tend to look forward not back,  you can reframe the past but not really change it,

and yet our futures are unwritten - so much more exciting a prospect...than retrospectives, however, I also think it is important to carry everything learned from one's past so long as it is a parachute not a yoke of burden....

back to the desk -

both pages feature faces that are quick gesture sketches, one is graphite, surrounded by images and fabrics and yarns (wool that is,  not ripping yarn as in an adventure story) ,


the other one is pen and watercolour, both were great fun,  if you get chance read the book - 'everything is illuminated' - it is a beautiful beautiful love story, and very short and easy to read,  I have not seen the film made from the book, so I am not sure if the film version is any good.

the wide angle shot of my desk reveals that I am working on Mosh Book 7, which is a book for storing ATCs, 


you may also see that I have reduced my crafting space,




i have



I have increased the floor space..something JD said a few weeks back.....


oh yeah.


and there is method in my magners,


I am prepariing...


and I need space...





Donna Garner