There are many things ( or Woyww?)

that make me happy,


surfing the web of wonderful people is one of them, as is blabbing to you all and you lot faithfully responding,


I am afflicted with migraine,


and I had literally a blinder, so it means no looking at anything that has even a slight amount of light movement or noise, it's been's taken a longer time than usual to recover - I am glad to say Tryptins WORK, and I am going to persuade my Gp to prescribe the injectable version....


I have finally recovered enough that I only get slight nausea when I look at screens,  still no scriolling though...


thank you for missing me,


hers's something to look at (my story book properly digitized)

mosh book 7


to make one of these books join the sketchbook project 2011 0r 2012....


on mydesk?  a receipe book a sewing machine, my new tax disc, a bag full of coffee stirrers, a new wood mount stamp that si to die for ( from my sis in law)


See you later when I am back in hopping mode...




Donna Garner