Back home again, back to work tomorrow, so will do LOADS of desk hopping today,

For my visitors;  on my desk this week - gifts I feel very blessed to have received.

First up - and after a weeks delay (I forgot to take it away with me so I could show it off on my holiday desk last week):

Marcy Antle made and sent me this as my PIF for the woyww second anniversary piffering event - a gorgeous, elegant, beautiful wonderous charm bracelet,  I love it,  thank you Marcy,  and I am sorry it ended up being so long before being blogged,

we were a transatlantic PIF, and it is somewhat anxiety provoking-  the long wait whilst things traverse the pond,

so Marcy & I have corresponded by email whilst the mail took it's time arriving.  Marcy said how much she likes my crumpled cow (in my shop).  So now I am now making Marcy a Mangled Moggie - keep watch - it will one day make it's appearance...!

 Just as I left for holiday I also received my exchange ATC's from the Uber Talented, very Chic, Most Elegant of Artists,  Joyce Van De Ley

Joyce lives in Christchurch and is a remarkable lady,  as well as being a gifted artist, she is stoically coping with the real crises of life post earthquake.

 I really do recommend her website,  I dare you to look at her shop and not buy her Art,  I will promote her shamelessly a couple more times because if you have never met her before I am sure you will probably really enjoy seeing her work.  She also needs lots of love and support whilst she and her community recover from this natural disaster.  And there she is making beautiful things for me - as I say - she is a remarkable woman.

I met Joyce in Suzi Blu Class and have always found her Art to be inspiring.  Joyce uses colour and line expertly and what appears simple, under examination, reveals layers of complexity, her compositions are stunning.  I learn lots just by looking at her work.

What about my artwork?

ah well, later after editing the video  I'll publish book number 6 - coptic stitched canvas book, also - and Jo had sneak preview- I have a new life study compotion that is almost complete...

I also need to mix paint with Darcy and catch up on last weeks darcy page....

Whilst I do those things:  those interested in Art as well as craft?

 Seth has started the latest edtion of Pulse (thank you Elizabeth and Bleubeard for the introduction),

Seth runs the most fabulous blog to browse and showcases Art and Artists ...click on the image to take the leap...

Link to Julia here to join in woyww, or just hop around the workdesks....

Donna Garner