woyww - squatters and news about God

the times comes when the novelty of the squatter wears thin and it is time to consider eviction, my desk this week is evidence that I am clearing my room of squatters that have been resident in my space for sometime,

an altered book that I am still thinking about , the mangled moggie, now bandaged and mummified and ready for next layer, the angel sisters, burnt and faces coloured, the crochet square was a random thing required by one of the many art atudents that come to the old crazy women when they need a sample of traditional arts and crafts for their university research,  they fear me but they need me....I play the part of the crazy witch who can make anything from nothing and some people call it Art


after I left my room the students had fun with my mac


I had to laugh and share it with you...




see you later....

Donna Garner