What happened?



I kind of lost my marbles for a bit, still struggling to find some words, got very scared, and had to get reassurance that dysphasia is okay after migraine.

It takes a while to learn to speak and write again, they are Triptins by the way,  and spell check doesn't help when you can 'see' the words.  People at work have been really entertained by my misuse of words...and transient dyslexia

anyway, I think I make as much sense again as I ever did.

Whilst i was without brain function I did no art... cannot 'see'

but I have done a bit this Sunday - video load later...


thank you for the emails and the comments,  I intend spending tomorrow evening catching up when I do the desk hops....


now how can I get to the post Office and have "it' on the table ready for tomorrow?????




Mosh Book 8: Altered Images from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.

Donna Garner