Did you know I can swear like a trooper?

here's the rub, My Mister said the video was not recording and I was doing the most important bit that cannot be rerecorded, a bit like some other movies (?), if you blink (let alone forget to press record), the moment has passed forever, so there was quite a bit of swearing on my part - whilst he stuck the proverbial knife in and twisted...., but actually the recorder was on, so you get to see (and hear) the whole shebang, A less gregarious person would have overdubbed with some kinda musak - or piece of stuff they like to listen to, but i think most men (and women) can related to the 'debate' me and my Mister had... please note at NO POINT did he say - oh darling I was in the wrong.... As well as bearing witness to my domestics, you will learn how to do a rather super book, all ten videos are now up on the Mosh tab under the video section of my website (navigate from the home page or click on the tabs at the top up there),


Mosh Book Ten: cheesecake and cursing from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.

Sandra De - please let me have you addie and reassert your choice via contact tab so I don't 'lose' the email in the daily maelstrom..., and mine (addie) will be on the package....

Donna Garner