Memories 2, therapeutic grief? and more book work

here's how to alter pages in more detail,

  I will update the mosh books video tutorials tab tomorrow,

watch out for mosh book nine and ten over the weekend,  as I need to get book one off to Sandra and I said she had to wait till all books were done in case she saw one she liked better, of course in some circumstances it would be

'in the styleeee of',

as I can't send her someone else's round robin altered book, but she would have got an altered book which she could finish....

Mosh 8a: How to do a button window from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.


also at the week end i WILL have something like a mangled moggie done, and I AM FAIRLY SURE  (see now i can use capitals and so can you in the comments box)  I will be up to date on my darcy 52 pages, but I still haven't had time to reload skype following my upgrade to OS Lion.


now that the future is covered how about some past participles????


a couple of things.


Luke's friend from school (we have been feeding this child, and his mum mine, for over a decade) accompanied us on holiday, at home and abroad,  this is the Child I have video evidence of LEAPING spread-eagled around THE delft factory/shop.


Ah yes, that was a moment I can tell you, 



he asked if I still make the origami roses,


I had forgotten he used to watch me make them, and I taught him origami,


he described it as his abiding memory of our Holland holiday - see I remember thinking 'can my credit card cover the damages if he knocks over that six foot delft vase', and he remembers making roses....


why the conversation?


because he was looking at memory box number two ( Beetroot tree alzheimers see yesterdays post)


Buy your template by making the three pound donation to the Alzheimers Association via the Beetroot Tree (click on the tab above marked community), cut out the template from silk paper and muslin, stitch together, embellish (free machining and some hand sewing)

this memory is for my Mum and her Mum, both of whom were big sewers ( 'sew' 'ers' as in - they sewed things) hence the tape measure , and inside is a wooden bobbin


I used some of Cardarian's ( Dolores) flowers, also inside as well as the cotton reel and tape measure, is a seed packet , altered and containing a strip of altered paper where I printed me my mum and my grandma's images



 Please know this is not at all a sad thing,


very therapeutic grief,

Inside the box is a picture of my grandma holding my first child.

my grandma got to hold my son, but she thought I was Glenys (my Mum) who had died twenty years before from breast cancer, but because of grandma's alzheimers she forgot Glenys was dead, and she was so happy to see 'her daughter' ( actually Me her granddaughter) and 'granddaughter' (actually Luke my first born son) in her altered world she was quite peaceful but was remembering  a previous generation,  Grandma fell and died from complications of a hip fracture two months after the photograph was taken... her son died from alzheimers two years ago.

I love my memories of my Grandma and  Moma, and my Uncle, and I wish they could have held onto their memories too, and been around to share them at the dinner table with me and my sons friend, 

but they are gone,


and what can we do?


Make a donation


Make a memory box....



Donna Garner