Darcy Day/Sacred Art

i made Darcy Doodar Day a book


well I altered her a book,


i took it apart and put good stuff in there,


this was because it has taken me AGES to make her a giraffe - and I hate it - with a passion, so I made a book and I am sending it and the hateful giraffe (unfinished) and a cute giraffe and the elusive pencil stub giraffe, because I know I will NOT work on the horrid knitted giraffe anymore.

I'm into books

and pages


and forever,


not horrid girraffes


nice giraffe I will give time to them,

but not horrid horrid failed projects that don't look like giraffes

(mostly becuase I had a migrane and my brain failed and I made the giraffe have stripes insted of spots so it looks like the wierdest thing on earth)

 i used my paper samples that I made with Jo at the wekend to catch up on a couple of my 52 pages work,

click HERE to see the series




Donna Garner