Baggage, and Ground Like Parchment, anti food rant

I have an opinion to share,  I know, I know, it's just not like me is it?

if you are an artist, how many pieces of art hang in your house, office and frankly any wall you find yourself staring at for more than ten minutes everyday?

I buy art and often it is just because I cannot imagine living without it.  I see it I buy it , I starve that month...

Niall cares not one jot because I work so hard and it is My Money.  He earns his own money so he can eat whilst I starve and look at my art.  Oddly no matter how much I starve I don't get thin.  However, I digress....

Niall is supremely sensible (one of us ought to be) and so it took me totally, totally, by surprise when, having had the usual answer of 'nothing' when I enquired about birthday/christmas gift, he then agreed to come see a pastel painting I had espied in a local small gallery that I wanted to buy him but was WAYYY too much to spend unless he loved it as much as me.


we head off to gallery,  I prep him by saying I want you to look at the paintings and choose the one I chose for you, and if it does not match that is fine, I will buy you the one you do like.  If you don't like any then you can have the nothing you asked for as your gift.

He goes in, I follow, he says i think I know which one you picked, and indeed he did.


then he says,

it is lovely and I see why you love it and had me in mind but it would not be the one I would choose...

taking me by the hand he then says -  this is the one I MUST HAVE, and I must buy it Myself, for this painting must be MINE.


he didn't eat for two months, he is already very skinny and he loses weight if he misses a snack let alone a meal, so he very nearly starved to disappearing point, but we wake every morning and go to sleep every night and we both love His Painting Every Day.

After he bought the painting and we decided to hang it in our bedroom, Niall expressed a slight bit of disappointment that it was not in the main area of our living space for others to see.

I know that we all do sketches before main pieces, so I contacted the artist to ask if he had the sketches for ground like parchment, and if so could I buy one or get a print?  The artist agreed and we have the original graphite small sketch in our living room, and if it is admired by a visitor I take them to our room and show them the 'real thing'

Niall has never before felt that powerful need to own an image, and he may never feel it again, but I tell you this, if you allow yourself to be open to the power of Art it will do good things for just makes you fat.



Womble asked me 'what is in your bag' here's the video - blimmin heck it took me seven minutes to empty it and show you...


Lastly, if you want to take a look, I have updated the portfolio and projects tab


and really lastly,  i know I am a foul mouthed harpie, and my mind needs washing out with soap, but abbreviations just cause me real problems, for isntance yesterday someone told me, in my comments to

"to$$, Fu*>, S*!T,"


until I realised she meant thank you for sharing I felt quite offended...and could have responded WTF

with thanks friend...




Donna Garner