woyww - Sandra De's stash and My New Muse

I sent Sandra De (at her request) Mosh Book 1 - it is in the post, you can see it by clicking on the mojo option under the video/tutorials tab at the top of the webpage.


Before I sent it she asked for my address and this lot arrived - i am stunned by the quality and quantity of her generosity, you will see all this gorgeousness being put to good use over the next few weeks.


She also sent altered book pages, and two gorgeous tags, that are currently in the process of being bound into a previous book cover I altered and couldn't decide on innards for - s!%t grammer, sorry it's early and I have to get on with it...


All this is thanks to desk snooping and the introduction of WOYWWers to one another,


julia Dunnit has a lot to answer for...


scroll down for mutilated heads...and use of Sandra's blue ric rac,

but before that - i have foudn my new muse, she is from Monster High and they are £8 each. I loved her most out of all the ones they do, she has fully repositionale limbs, the MOST wonderful hands and a stand so you can get ridiculous poses,  isn't she super?

I am making her the core character in my 2012 Sketchbook Project Book the theme of which is Nothing New...

Donna Garner