Mobs: Cats, Mice: Riots,Tea

a very short time ago there were riots in London and Brum, and Manchester, 


People Died


homes got wrecked,


global chainstores took a hit,


people were put out of their (and their families) businesses - for ever,


rioters were arrested and sentenced, but that won't rebuild the destroyed lives and businesses.


I bought tea - the money goes to helping those who have not yet recovered from the event.

Don't forget to help - go to operation cup of tea on facebook (or basefook as we like to call it out loud in this house of degenerates)

totally unconnected to riots tea and helping...

the mouse brought out the cat - whose face I am working on and whose fur I am not yet happy about.


Please note I tidied my desk -  I have a huge space to play in



Donna Garner