Grab your Blank Canvas- We have work to do

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I know you have a blank canvas (mine was 100cm x 100cm)

go get it now.

I'll wait until you come back with one....

I think you may not have an easel, so go get a nail and a hammer instead.  Sorry if the hammer and nail were next to the canvas you just fetched, but running around is good for you.

Place the nail to your wall and hammer it in there so that your canvas hangs with the middle at your eye level.  This is important so that you view your work as it will look when you hang it, whist you work.  Use a small step stool to reach the top of your canvas.

the rest of the stuff I use is detailed on the down load able pdf.

First up - grab a black sharpie and write your favorite quotation relating to your chosen subject (mine is golf) all over your canvas at a jaunty angle. 

Whilst writing chant these two mantras,

"I am breathing deeply and unclenching I am thinking of these wonderful quotation words and they will be instilled in my work"

occasionally throw in a

"This is all going to be covered over so it DOESN"T MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE"

Relax   Enjoy

Yay, you already tamed that damned wild white expanse of nothingness.

Next add text and imagery using matte medium to glue onto the canvas - placement/compostion is explained in the pdf. 

add glazes and more text and images

layering the glazes and adding stencils letting each layer dry thoroughly between applications, write into the thick acrylics to create bonus texture, stroke a dry brush with a tiny amount of  dark colour run over the papers to ping out texture

add your final images. draw on your 'focal feature' add final colour blocks, knock back strong images you don't want dominating the view, check you are happy by standing back and looking...

sign it, give it to your golfing brother for his birthday..

accept the hugs and kisses

bathe in the light of feelgood factor 10

Donna Garner