The Interconnectedness of Everything and a Postcard

It's a long one, get a cup of tea or do the whole thing in stages over the weekend, I won't be blogging again until weds as I have serious work to do and a son to drive back to university - thanks British rail, it's the last time I'll see him until the summer....

Last year I've tried (as I do) to spend real time with virtual friends, bloggers (usually met via Wednesday workdesks) that have passed by my home, or have invited me to theirs.  Not once have I regretted 'risking' the real contact.  Please note: I forbid the kids to do anything I do, and to avoid listening to anything I say.  Mad bad and dangerous to know can be applied...It is their determination to be unlike their mother and mimic the defenses displayed by Mr Doone that has enabled them to survive. 

One person who came to see me was Gina (and Mr Gina - he who sleeps in the wardrobe) who, with just a few casual observations,  helped me understand how to use my 'spirit guide' to better understand my direction in life. Because of this I have been much more relaxed and 'open' and allowed myself time to wander dream pathways without thinking about a destination.  I am much more deeply chilled.

'chaos panic disorder;my work here is done' has also been a descriptor of Moi. My new ones for 2012  are 'let my teacher teach me - I will learn more' and 'respect others as I too deserve respect' . 

preamble over,

another of the rewards of my visits was meeting Mr and Mrs JoZarty.  Staying with Mr and Mrs J enabled Mr Doone and I to absorb the culture that is Liverpool, I was given a pair of very special earrings, my main feature of my introductory postcard.  Yes those are Jozart earrings - I suggest you go visit her blog and DEMAND to buy a piece of her very unique and beautiful silver work. 

Jo is aware of my Professional Life (as is Darcy), they understand my limited art time.

 I blog this only to explain how VERY VERY odd this next connection is.

One of the Best Things about going to another artist house is the exploration of their abode.  I belong in Jo's art room, the rest of her house is also FULL of art, my kind of art, and there is stuff I didn't 'know'; that she told me all about.  It's like art foundation year in six hours...wonderful,

In particular I enquired, and was rewarded with information about, the artist's art that is all over the loo walls, but because we did so much and I didn't take notes, I promptly forgot the name of the artist (store that bit for reference later where you see this thing %%%% - that's the weird connection).

Next unconnected (or so I thought) bit:  I decided to do Darcy's 2012 challenge, as I say I used the earrings - for no reason other than they looked so darned good on the back of the intro postcard.

I waited with the rest of the postcarders for Darcy to do the first country :  Austria.

I decided to do a map for the page before I did the postcard, so I go to the google map of Austria, I'm thinking - chaos panic disorder, random stab, lands on the Hundertwasserhaus. LANDS ON THE HUNDERTWASSERHAUS,- try to do that, really - take a break- hop to google maps and really try to do it deliberately  -  how the guiding salamanders did I hit that particular spot?


Postcard 1 :  Austria:  Hundertwasserhaus, I look up the artist/architect, do LOADS of background research, paint a picture, laminate his original to clip to my copy***, laminate the card, sort out stamps (that he designed) and then REALISE,  it's the artist on Jozarts Loo wall - friedensreich hundertwasser (his artist name not his original) %%%%%  How can I randomly stab a map of Austria and end up at the artist I could not remember that I first saw in Jo's loo?

So the path of my conjoined twin books has taken a slightly new route, as well as all the things I already want to do with these two people and their postcards, and the altered books, I am going to use this challenge as a round the world art tour, each place will showcase an artist.

***I read a very true piece of advice from a very talented artist and teacher - if you want to learn and improve your techniques of observation and drawing and painting, reproduce another artists work - whether or not you 'like' their art - you will 'see more' and learn lots, in doing a watercolour of Freidensreich's 'blobs' painting I 'saw' the face, the door of the house, all the houses that make up the 'fence' the houses in his head, the vibrancy of the colours, the amaZING perspective ( you look up into the trees)  so my postcard is embedded in the images of Freidensreich, I found his stamps that he designed for Austria, I used his 'it hurts to wait with love, if love is somewhere else' painting on the background pages, one is a print, one is a lazertran image because work got in the way and I didn't have time this week to paint the extra images myself. 

So not only did I do a postcard, I 'found' my lost artist.

Here, now,  is a series of images that shows you my 'making of' , if you want to, you can hop to my 'gallery' that contain images of the project and tells the full story, as the blog passes the project gallery will remain as a record of the work.  Go to the top of the page, hovver over projects and click on 'two circles'.  If my rambling is not to your taste but you like to see the pictures and read the story -  just go straight to the gallery every Friday and bypass the blog...I already did the introduction of the characters and story here ( if you go there by link and want to come back to here click 'main' or 'blog' at the top of the page)




 front of postcard (week 1 - austria)


 back of postcard week one: she has funds


The following are images of the background pages of the book and the postcard within the book(s) and no more waffle


there is more in the gallery if you want to see it.

Donna Garner