WOYWW - Plays nicely with others?

Reflective thoughts on a fabulous weekend:

It is possible for people to be very aware of themselves and express a confident approach to the world without having an ego the size of a planet.   But:  What happens if you put a huge bunch of creative WOYWWers into the same space and give them a desk to work on half the size of their normal domain?

Answer:  they get on with it and each other

resulting in

A whole lot of love and creativity -

Morti and family provided fabulous B&B - I have found some real friends form my virtual meanderings. A  Dolores Hug was (as I expected) the healing touch I have needed just recently - I swear to goodness she is my soul sister.  Jo makes me laugh till I cry and having slept together I guess our relationship has moved to a whole new level...apparently I sing in my sleep (poor woman)

Jan and Julia are exactly the characters their blog portrays them as.  At this point I realise  I am hopeless these days at writing down everyone's names and committing them to memory - but I will find your desk and wave,  but here I am saying thank you all for making the day such a fabulous time.

PS.  The lunch was to die for, and there were more cakes than a woman's institute cake baking final.  If you want hem there are More images of the event are below this post - click on the image wait a while and a gallery opens.

On my desk - SHTUFFF I made at the crop ( the cards are made form a pack given to us on the day along with goodie bag)

and THANK YOU Annette (voodoo vixen) my pens arrived ( some I gave to Jo) and a whole BOX of goodness - I will use it all to make glorious things and mail you back a product of my labours...

Lastly - if you use IE ( internet exploiter) you may have problems with this website - we are working on it, but in the meantime if you use chrome or safari or firefox as your internet browser, that should solve the problem whilst we fix things.

beautiful desk of dripping gorgeousness

gorgeousness from a  different angle to showing Voodoo Vixen art work and generosity

Morti (Dianne) taught me how to make domino's look fabulous

Janet taught us tasseled beads

I made a Christmas card form Julia/Jan instructions

another card made from SHTUFF from my goodie bag

I love voodoo vixen - the teabags are fab, the card you sent is just stunning and the envelope = divine

Donna Garner