WOYWW- animal vegetable and mineral

so I haven't bared my soul or shared my traumas - because as JD observes I am actually quite reserved.  Amongst the trauma we inherited a new cat - poppy - who I call pop star, our existing 13 year old cat (featured on my desk) is Well Put Out, and attacks my art and craft on a regular basis to demand the imposter be removed from the premises,

we sought arbitration and asked both cats to be reasonable and negotiate - but all we got was Spitting at Dawn...

so we drugged them with cat nip

ha ha ha ha ha

'I will have that die cut and I will shred it' Shrody Cat

schrody (pictured) went zooming round the house at 90 miles and hour and rode the back of our biggest dog like a rodeo pro,  Pop Star chillaxed spread eagled over the scattered cat nip and not a spit or hiss has been heard for two days...

today my desk is covered with the last tutorial/inspiration pieces for the FREE eZine (click on subscribe to get a copy - -publish date = 1st Dec) of course it will be Full of all things Seasonal.

AGES ago Someone ( I am sure it is a woywer) asked for a postcard of  my Red Lady Painting - I am so sorry I cannot find your original email - would you please resend?  many thanks....

today's desk

Donna Garner