And in this situation

There's a thin line between love and crime



Pets Shop Boys didn't make it onto my top ten desert island discs, but it would have been so apt because the web site is collabor-ART and PSBs were a big influence during the eighties and often made me choose the nightclub instead of the RockHouse.

I've been trying to define my musical taste and at best would have called it eclectic, then I realised

Everything I choose to listen to over and over again-  does share a common element:

'tis the Poetry,  the lyrics are what get me, and of course the funky punky rock beat...

so I made an album holder for my top ten,

I indexed  the sections and wrote instruction with a rationale and guidelines,

then I made the first entry - had to be Blondie,

I will also send a postage stamp tucked into each contributors 'Record Holder'  so that the cost of postage for the size of my 'journal' doesn't scare anyone...

just for today, tomorrow I change my mind

record album box made from an old book and an old record

the record case indexed and ready for each person to contribute

first one done by me along with some extra bits to inspire the collabor-artists

New York Punk 1970's
Donna Garner