WOYWW - product placement

Luke had the desk yesterday - he usually leaves it cleaner and tidier that he found it...today it looks like an advert for a major soft drinks manufacturer

passports ready and off we go

Mr Doone and I are off to France next week so I might post from there or I might be far too busy eating drinking and house hunting.  In answer to the curious questions:  this time is just a scouting trip to be sure we have chosen the 'right' region - we are being terribly careful and visiting at all times of the year to check for stuff like ice and snow and flooding and Marie Celeste holiday type villages...

Now this is beginning to look like a terribly boring and All About Me Type Post, so just to reengage with my lovely lovely visitors - at the Saturday Woywwer Gathering a short while back I promised to post how to make the simple books with 'no binding' so here is the 'simple as a Meerkat' tab book...if you like it - click on the tutorials tab at the top of the website and go to the 'Mojo Mosh Pit' there are ten types of book to make ranging from the 'really simple' to 'out of this world crazy complex what was I thinking'?

tab book no glue no stitching just paper

Donna Garner