WOYWW - catch up? - I can't keep up!

the older I get the more I feel like I'm never going to get 'everything' done.

But I have done a lot  since you last visited:

whilst in France I finished my contribution to Virginia's 'leg' of the desert island disc journal circle, it was good to get back to figurative artwork, I saw some really second rate expensive artwork whilst I was away and it made me realise we should be less self critical...then in one village I saw some figurative work that was stunning, and thought yes, that is the impact I'm trying to achieve...

because I forgot to take my camera I only have phone images and they are all of me eating (yes all of them - cheers Mr D)

here is a link ( click on the image) to the collabor-art site - you could join if you woudl like to.

copyright donna louise rodgers 2012

copyright donna louise rodgers 2012

copyright donna louise rodgers 2012

I have also had INCOMING mail - an angel from JoZart as part of her angelic swap ( today I make two - one for her and one for a surprise for someone  else in the swap...) I only realised after i looked a the photo that Jo has chosen to use the face from my latest stamp.  I adore her - her 'wings' waft gently in the breeze that is ever present in our hallway due to an ill fitting front door that is not quite covered by an ineffective half drawn curtain....and the house really does list to the right at an alarming degree of angle.  Upstairs the bedroom wall is five inches longer one side than the other, we think that as well as resolved subsidence the builders ( over 100 years ago)  decided to make the house look like they are sliding to the bottom of the hill...

Fallen Angel

the desk

there are really only two things of any importance on my desk today - the idea for the Christmas desk decorations ( I'm doing a make and take table class kit thing for the December Victoria's Stamper Group, and MAIL ART from Sarah

It scared the proverbial out of me that her words are totally ME - and we have never ever met except through each others blogs....

And to complete my list of things to do today - that will probably not actually get done because there just are not enough hours,  I really must make headway on the eZine as it is being published 1st Dec....there are makings in there that will take you ten minutes and are made from things you will have at hand, so don't panic if you are not yet ready for the the big 'C" - just let me add - my tree has been up since the first magazine photo shoot in October!!!!! so whilst everything might not get done; some things happen early; some things happen late and somethings just have to go on hold, that's my way of stumbling through...

Donna Garner