Shakespeare and Redefining Angelic and Mail (outgoing)

I love Shakespeare most for his total lack of regard for the Queen's English.  He enriched the English vocabulary and created a social record we cannot imagine being without.

I say - Lets make up words and meanings -yes -

Lay claim to a new shared vocabulary - worry not about spelling - just make sure you get your message across.

'comfort' copyright Donna Louise Rodgers

Art and craft is a bit like that too, explore new territory and you run the risk that no one will understand you, do something people like and suddenly everyone is doing it ...and in sharing our skills and knowledge we form strong bonds with like minded people,

This weekend Jo put me up at her home ( put up with me in her home?) and we made angels.  Mine look nothing like her's (she is swapping ten so if you want one - visit her at her ).

Mine is derived from my painting I did during the free course I did with  Tamara Laporte - (willowing):

copyright donna louise rodgers

copyright donna louise rodgers

She is called Comfort. In my little perfect world fantasy I believe in angels - not in the strictly Christian sense,

my definition of Angelic:  open your home, open your heart, believe that the world is a good safe place and people are worth trusting and investing in.  I choose to believe that,  in every person, there are angelic elements.  All a person has to do is let the angelic bits shine out.

I really enjoyed making a 3-d version in the company of Jo - singing "host of angels da de dah dah)

And I forgot how foul the 'real' world can be...

shy retiring stampers

mail art outward bound - here's one for Karen

On Saturday we went to Vickie's Stampers ( it is a yahoo group - you will find it by searching for Victoria's stampers) and we sat with a brand newbie Jackie , who it turns out, journals with Darcy and knows me from my blog (ha ha aha) also I chatted with Olive, who turned out to be the friend of Clare with Paint in her Hair.  Olive  SHOULD HAVE asked me for a lift to Sheffield when her car failed her....  small world this crafting place....and Jacqui taught us her brayering skills - hmmm she made it look easy and easy it is not... I got home earlier thsi afternoon and have had confirmation that my mail has arrived so I can share some mail art/collabor-art work I've been doing over the last few weeks. Rene Gruau is my (again) inspiration, both for Sarah's 'take a naff one and make if better' album cover theme (which I forgot to photograph) I am flattered that Sarah even wants to keep her envelope; and the mail art I painted for Karen. 

Rene Gruau inspired mail art

Donna Garner