woyww - jan 2nd 2013 - keep taking the tablets

can I share my new year thoughts with you?  promise not to tell the whole world?

something happens to me when I have time off work, off line, off duty, off side , off my Rioja (English speaking people tend to pronounce RIOJA like: Ree-Oh-Ha. Like Jesus, or Hey-zeus. You can definitely get away with it 99% of the time but its not really the proper way to pronounce it.  In Spain, Rioja is pronounced where the 'j' sounds more like a throaty '-rk' or 'Ree-ork-ah'. Although its important to know that it doesn't sound like reorcka, the throatiness of it gives it a bit of that 'ha' inflection Spanish J's are known for- hence it is a pun on 'off my rocker'); off my head and off line.

I  DID CHILL.  I have had such a fabulous break doing only one thing ( looking after my family)

my goodness if only that were my only Job I Could be Good At It.

The chill factor did not last....

 I'm back to 'normal' and already I have ranted twice , once to a perfectly nice person who works for Virgin Broadband . I may have called him a Muppet (shame on me) and second rantage was to my poor dog who copped for every negative thought that brewed in my 'returned to work' head.. hence a loose connection to the Christmas image below.


On a less rantly note -  there is my desk with Darcy's wonderful gift ( enveloped) that I am now going to open and properly play  with and my new ( better than an an ipad) tablet... yes, indeedly,

I was sensible enough to return for just one half day, so I have play time now, and, if I keep taking the tablets and drinking enough alcohol, I suspect I may last another year without breaking any goodwill resolutions

Donna Garner