Postcard Week 7: Wales (and Sheffield)

today we met- DarcyGINA , CLARE  and I. 

In Meadowhall. Which would have been warm and indoors, but we went out,

where it was windy

because we went to the Range, which was good, 

I got a shot with interesting hair - See Clare your Hair looks best - and no discernable paint  - am I not a clever photographess???

whilst taking this shot I was surprised to learn that Gina has been in trouble for possession - of illegal re- cycling

it was quite a story,

mostly made interesting by my ear wax, the windiness of the weather,  and that my misunderstanding of her words probably made the whole thing funny rather than as maddening as it really was,

Darcy gave me a gorgeous box of truffles (in the fridge for ten seconds then I'm sure they will be gone once the boys find them) and a diary that shall become a journal.

Clare gave me a fabulous roll of blue prints and music sheets and chain and ribbon, so pretty - they will be on my desk on wednesday,


today is the Postcard's moment of glory:

Wales = Dylan Marais Thomas

'we are neither wholly bad or good we who live under milk wood,'

see he understood yin yang without any silly god/goddess nonsense.

This week she starts to have hope,

his pages are not yet done for this week, in fact nor are hers, they are at the moment a background to be worked upon



Donna Garner