Woyww? The answers

Question one what's on the desk?

Answer - well I'd call it a ferkerlers paradise, but of course you can call it what you want, and I'll love you for it...


Question two how do I know it is finished


Answer - well blegard me - how should I know?  I can tell you I will be doing no more work on her for a while, in fact will mount and frame her, and would be happy to sell her, is she finished? no, the eyes are not right but I am accepting of how they are anyway

 'it is finished' would be when one takes ones last breath and no more can be done, then the lifes work is finished, so the art is too...post mortem is also usually when artists start to get more recognition and their work accrues greater market value.  It also serves as a reminder to make art whether the sun shines or the rain pours, we don't have much time to make our marks...

that said ' the finished feeling' changes for different work,  I struggle with knowing when a whole pose is as good as I can make it be, but  I have an affinity for, and therefore a love of, hands feet and faces, and can Instantly Know when one of these pieces is 'done' 

'toesmyarse'  is done barr a bit of shading and I know it is done because I just love it, loved doing it, it took 20 minutes and it was 20 minutes of bliss.  But it is not finished, because I only did this to be 'finished' as a reduction linoprint.  Anyone else mixed soft pastels with oil pastels?  its amazing!

so my next lino cut will be a limited edition on various papers so each printed image will be a 1/1 but the lino print will be 1/50 and I have no option with a reduction print, once I have done the edition it is finished because the lino is trashed in the reduction process.......should I do a video?

Donna Garner