Postcard 11: Netherlands

A difficult one this week for two reasons,


our household tends to call Holland 'Holland' because in our house 'the Netherlands' has no connection to a geographical place in the mid european land mass.  Netherlands has everything to do with unmentionable body parts; 'nether land and 'nether regions' was adopted as a phrase (during the embarrassing teenage years) when proper nouns for private parts could lead to fainting, swooning and extreme nausea. Whilst we may now be on the safer, more grown up,  side of teenage angst, we still get teenage giggles when ever anyone says 'netherlands'

Secondly our last holiday there produced some, not so good, memories: I recall cycling frantically from one wind turbine to the next along a dam as the lightening stuck them, hoping we could get close enough to the next one before we were zapped to kingdom come. 

And being ripped off by the owner of the house we rented, and taking four teenage boys into THE Delft factory and realising what a Big Mistake that was (think 4 bullocks in a china shop)...


anyway, in the end, I decided to do canal houses in delft blue, and I recalled how Holland was so effective at resisting facism and a spoonerised quote came to my mind:

'give facism an inch and it takes the whole of freedom's smile'...( that's my original saying that you can use provided you credit it as a donna louise rodgers quote)

after that the journal pages were easy... her's is one of my Suzi Blu sad and blue faces - his is the donna louise rodgers quote page

the back of the postcard



Donna Garner