Postcard 12 : Israel and B&E book progress

anyone that knows me even a tiny bit also knows that I work on many things during the same time period, so that things can dry and I can add layers and so on and so forth.

The Darcy postcards are my 'quickies' and this week is was rap rap rap ido (remember channel 4 - outclasses MTV even now?)

I'll find a link on you tube and post it below after the altered book stuff for anyone who never saw it (Adult themes so - no kids allowed unless you want to do some explaining).

I did a photo montage,

and in the two books used my own sketches that I scanned in from my sketch book so it was super easy quick....


Also I have been working on my Bleubeard (and a small contribution is made by Elizabeth) altered book,

 lesson 4 is about glues, 

my book theme is 'what every woman desires' - it is for my son for his 21st, and it is made from a 1912 English French dictionary so on each page I pick out a word, and I alter the page...this week B&E used stamps

  I pulled out all the stops and ransacked my room for stamps I haven't used in months, .... I cut and ripped away the layers so the altered pages kind of run into one another,

 working to Elizabeth's Brief,  I used every type of glue I own to achieve the different effects:

I cut away the paper carefully through the layers and then twist it to form textured shapes, repeating shapes using masks and stamps,

you cannot tell until the book is in your hands with POWERFUL reading glasses on your nose; the words picked out on the textured elements are 'flowers'

gesso used as glue, you can see the next page (previous image) peeping though this page

stamping, embossing, ripping, cutting, gluing - flowers - a lady should NOT have to ask her man for such things, and Niall sets a fine example to our Boy:  Total extravagance, once every ten years, on Valentines day,

and the Lady can then never say 'you never' is for my son is to remember from time to time that Ladies desire flowers, for no reason other than to feel loved and spoilt....

the half ripped page adds interest so the stamped images are revealed as half pages are turned

 Then I used the 'water colour pencil' transfer technique to do the second set of my glues together pages:

I was looking for a word on the page asking myself what does a woman desire?


and 'monogamy'

check out the text around his head! - teenage thoughts that have no place in the mind of a gentleman...

no matter how alluring the lady, young man it is time to grow faithful and earn enough to keep your lady in the style to which every woman wants to be accustomed.....without her opening her own purse...

lastly (except for the rapido link) the first altered page that precedes the above altered pages:


here it is rap rap rap idoooooo

which followed on from eurotrash:


Donna Garner