No explanation required

But here is the explanation anyway

of all the art things and craft activities I could do, two things make me happiest:

making the image of a person and capturing their soul, even if I only get their big toe,

and making books

from nothing or from another book that is no longer very loved

I find passion is something that bubbles up, fills my space and then overflows into everyone else's space too,

hope these bubbles float your way and inspire you to have a go...

to gut a book look here

this is a little bejeweled jotting book I made for Gina.  For her to keep her faces in:

don't throw the cut off away, gut the innards (see link above)

then cover with a more appealing design

do more stuff to it ( at this point I forgot to photograph and just did it ) 

when you have covered your cut off in metal-  hammer it;  rub in black acrylic and spray it with mica paint

cut out an image, make a little metal 'case' pour in melted UTEE, hairdryer it to get it smooth and funky. Prepare a shed load of chain and beads ( I used my own jump rings and beading bits) and lob them onto the book

fill the book with five minute sketches and collage and junk close at hand, then post to a mate...




now I'm off to catch up on E&B book altered book freebie course...

Donna Garner