Woyww- alot of prints

so I finally did my reduction lino print working from the life class painting I did a few weeks back,

and my desk is covered in the drying prints (a one off canvas, and a ten print series)

I felt brave enough to do this mainly because I slept for twelve hours two nights running

reduction lino printing is not for the faint hearted, you kind of have to be a print freak geek, and just love making your mark this way, because doing reduction prints turns your head inside out,

and that is just when you do it, trying to explain it is really freaky deaky.

For some reason I said I'd do a video; and I did; it's at the bottom - the printing and lino cutting took me four days, and I have a video that shows you how to do it in ten minutes - HA - see - it is a sham...don't fall for how easy it looks - it is not

the thing is, it is almost impossible to show or explain reduction lino print, and I think I actually did it quite well, but I still think you'd have to be mad to try it.  Unless, like me, you love printing...

Also today heralds a new age in my life, I have reduced my work hours so I can do more with my art.

Today is my first wednesday not working for the rest of my life,  yee ha

so today mostly, to celebrate, I'm a gonna visit some desks....walk some dogs, clean house and generally not be at work...and feel that happiness to the core of my tired old bones.

Donna Garner