What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday? Do you dream in colour?

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I sometimes set myself a challenge, with no deadline, and the challenge eats into me until I just have to do it.

When we were in Paris in January, before we went, I knew I wanted to capture a single photographic image that I wanted to then paint.

We had fantastic sunshine, and early after sunrise I got amzingly lighted 'landmark' images.  We also had one rainy day (look up rainy day in paris on google and select images).

On my desk today is our 'rainy day in McParis', 

the juxtaposition of the metro and McD's grabbed me, and I think the 'modern' typeset almost looks more nouvelle art deco stye than le Metro!

the neon glow would not be there had it not been raining....


I am obsessing about colour theory at the moment, reading in bed before sleep so I dream of colour combinations and perception and reality, the yellow only looks so dayglo orange yellow because of the grey sky and the pink doesn't exist on a sunny day....

On  Easter Sunday I woke up and said to Mr D,  Ah I DO dream in colours not just of colours,

He's taking me to France next week to help me over the obsession.......he dreams of a cure....

see you later

Donna Garner